Making Cryto More Social
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Making Cryto More Social

Alty is an all-in-one platform powering the world’s best crypto communities.

Available as a user-friendly chatbot and community management web portal, Alty helps crypto communities seamlessly scale their groups through easy onboarding and management, exclusive crypto/DeFi offerings, and more.

With Alty, influencers, brands, and organizations can bring crypto into their community within minutes to generate engagement and monetize online followers. Alty utilizes leading edge automation technology to provide a blockchain-agnostic multi-coin wallet. Available on WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord.

Alty platform represents its unique Intellectual Property (“IP”) which enables runtime execution of a wide variety of Instant Messenger applications (“IMapps”) supporting a wide variety of cross industry use-cases.

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This guide aims to show a creator, owner, or admin of a group chat how to use Alty for their business value. Specifically minting new tokens on Algorand network, distributing to community members, and enforcing that all community members have these newly minted tokens.