Broadcasting Information to Group(s)
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Sharing information from a single source.

Another power feature on the Alty platform is the ability to send information from your dashboard to all your groups either on WhatsApp, Telegram or Discord.

To access the Broadcaster page, on the CMD, click to to open the side menu and click on the Broadcaster tab which will open a page as shown in the image and follow the steps below to broadcast your information.

  1. In the List of Groups field, select which groups you want to send your message to. You have the option to select multiple groups.

  2. Type the message and use the buttons for any formatting.

  3. Click on the Add Image button if you wish to include images in your message

  4. Selecting Yes to  automatically generate a thumbnail image to your broadcast message when it contains a link - just like it would when you share a video or news article with a friend.

  5. You also have the option to select No so that a thumbnail won’t appear with the message. Some people select No if there are multiple links in one broadcast message.

  6. Click on Push to Queue. Your message will enter the bot’s command queue and send as soon as it’s ready. Usually under a minute.